Welcome to the International Preschool in Munich

Integrated Approach
  • English Montessori Program
  • Learning-to-Learn Program
  • Interactive Thinking
  • Hands on Science
  • Music and Dance
  • Play and Fun
  • Mini-Preschool for Toddlers


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Points of Interest

Points of interest    
The International Preschool in Munich is one of the premier English preschools in Germany. With our school located in Munich south (Grünwald) we are able to offer a learning environment that is spacious, richly stimulating, and absolutely secure. We are the only preschool in Munich that has been acknowledged by NETMA  - NATO as meeting the highest standards of the British preschool curriculum.

Contact: The International Preschool in Munich - Tel. +49 8178 909393, email: info@preschool-munich.com